7. Weekly Homework Routine

Weekly Homework Routine:

The weekly homework is designed to teach students time management and organizational strategies, reinforce classroom instruction, and prepare students for the added responsibilities of fourth grade next year.  The typical amount of time would be 50 minutes to an hour each night (approximately 15 minutes for AR, 20 minutes for Math, and 10 minutes for spelling (once a week only)). The amount of their work will be sometimes be determined by how much a student finishes that day at school.

On Mondays, the class has time to write down homework for that week on their planner sheets. We may change or update it during the week based on our progress in class.  Please see  the planner sheet to see what assignments are due or to see what progress is needed to be made that week on long projects.  I post current homework on this website as well, in case your child forgets to write something down correctly or is absent. A good system to use is to have your child show you their completed homework each night or to supervise and assist during the homework.   

All work will need to be made up whether the absence is vacation or illness-related. Please contact the office by 8 AM the day of an absence if you would like to request Independent Study work to be prepared for that day.  IS requests for five days need to be requested at least one week prior to the absence to allow me time to prepare. 

Parents are encouraged to look over their child's homework to check for completeness--I do not expect you to correct their work. If you should see many errors, you can have them redo those problems.   A link to the Math answer keys will be provided to parents at Back to School Night. It can be helpful to know the answer and work backward from that with your child to help them. Please keep it secure from kids.