Weekly Routine:

I will give a pretest on Monday. Students should complete one spelling assignments and turn it in on Wednesday. They have been given a list of possible assignment ideas (I'm open to new ideas!). Students who score a 90% or higher on the pretest will be exempt from having to do that week's spelling assignments or take the posttest. However, they are welcome to still do them or to accept the challenge of finding ten words from a dictionary that they do not yet know and completing an assignment or two with their discovered words. Thursday is a study day. Friday is the post test day for the class and any students who aced their pretest but wish to try for a higher score.

List of possible assignments (Please have your child write the assignment type on the top of their paper in the heading area):

  • write 5 times each
  • write in ABC order and your best cursive
  • write each word and one complete dictionary definition with it.
  • write each word correctly in a sentence
  • use 10 of the words logically in a short story
  • use 10 of the words logically in a poem
  • use 10 of the words logically in a song/rap
  • create a word search online, including an answer key
  • create a crossword puzzle online, include an answer key
  • write the words then write them scrambled on the back side of the paper
  • cut out the letters from a magazine or newspaper and glue them down to make the words
  • create riddles with the words as answers
  • write and group the words into categories you create (sound/spelling patterns etc)
  • make 8 pairs of unrelated spelling words and put them together to create new words. Write definitions for the new compound words
  • Use all the words to create as few logical sentences as possible.
  • write each word in best cursive using three different color writing utensils
  • write the words and write 1-2 synonyms for each word next to them 
  • paint the words