Cool Links

Order books using this convenient link. Our classroom code is GLN86. Parents get a $5 coupon towards next purchase when ordering online, teacher gets a $3 coupon. Use Parent Activation Code GLN86.

Pico Fermi Bagels

California Studies
This site is our publisher's web site. This site has games and activities that support our content in the classroom. Fun, and you learn too.

Jeopardy Game- Irregular verbs
This is the game we played after a lesson on Action Verbs and Helping Verbs. By popular demand I've included it here. Enjoy!

Bald Eagle Cam
Just what it says! Unbelievable "bird's-eye" view of Bald Eagle eaglets being raised in their nest. MUST CHECK OUT!!

Asteroids Multiplication Game
Similar to Asteroids video game from the '80s with a Multiplication Facts component. A lot of fun!

Typing Pal Online
Typing Pal Online is a 100% web-based keyboarding tutor tailored to students. It is stimulating, captivating, flexible and highly effective, and will boost students’ written communication skills. If you are interested in having students practice Typing Pal at home, they are now able to do so by using this link.

Coloma Outdoor School
The site for our 4th Grade Gold Rush Adventure!