Accelerated Reader (AR)

I'm seeing a score for AR that seems odd. Can you please explain how that works?

AR grades shows where your child is in terms of meeting his/her AR goal for the current trimester. It is a heavily weighted grade (10 points) because it is an ongoing assignment. It reflects the information that comes home on the AR Progress Report in Monday Folders. It is updated weekly throughout the trimester. It is always a moving target until the end of the trimester, when the final percentage is 100%.


I'm hearing about Jupiter Grades from some other parents. Is that a 4th grade thing?

Jupiter grades is not used in both 4th grade classrooms. I use a grading program called Easy Grade Pro. Unfortunately, online access to Easy Grade Pro is not an option. However, almost every Monday afternoon,, you will receive weekly Progress Report emails for your child. Historically I have found that being able to push progress reports to email inboxes has been very effective.

Under a couple of grades it says "dropped" what does that mean?

Easy Grade Pro allows me the flexibility to automatically re-grade each student and drop the score that results in the greatest improvement in the students overall grade. Think of it as an automatic opportunity for students to have the lowest coursework assignment set aside. If there are two assignments that cause the same improvement, Easy Grade Pro will drop the first one. Surprisingly, the score that is dropped is often not the lowest score because it may have too little point value. When the score is dropped, a small d is drawn in the upper left-hand corner of the score so. As new scores are entered throughout the trimester the d may move about, disappear, and reappear. Easy Grade Pro drops scores in real time (as scores are entered) in a way that ensures that students grades are improved the most, however, it only drops one score.


My child was absent, and is working on the math homework he/she missed. Did the colored pages need to be finished as well?

When students are absent, and making up math lessons, they should complete the colored pages prior to completing the black and white pages. This allows them the opportunity to practice and gain a better understanding of the underlying concept(s) being covered, and to become more comfortable/familiar with the skills/tools that should be utilized within the lesson itself.

My child seems to be having a hard time with math, is there is any extra support or school sponsored math tutoring to help? What else could I be doing to help them?

For online reference students can access the ThinkCentral website, which is available through a link on the Bowman Student Portal. IXL is an online resource that students are familiar with and could be used at home to support remediation on induvial skills/topics. I make myself available most mornings before school, during first recess, and lunch recess to help students if they want to come in and ask for clarity or assistance. There are also three middle school leadership peer tutors in class 3 days/week (Tu.-Th.) who try to review/assist with as many previous night homework assignments for students as possible. We go over previous assignments each day and students can ask for clarity or assistance at this time as well. They can also go to the Learning Center at lunch for help and ask for clarity or assistance.

Redo Assignments

How does one go about re-doing low score math assignments? Do we pull it off your class website?

You can redo the problems:

1.     On the original assignment and resubmit it.

2.     On a reprint of the assignment from the website, stapled to the original assignment, and resubmit it.

3.     On a blank piece of paper, stapled to the original assignment, and resubmit it.