Weekly Homework Routine:

The weekly homework is designed to teach students time management and organizational strategies, reinforce classroom instruction, and prepare students for the added responsibilities of middle school next year.

On Mondays, the class has time to write down homework for that week in their planners. Please use their planner to see what assignments are due or to see what progress is needed to be made that week on long projects.  I post current homework on this website as well, in case your child forgets to write something down correctly or is absent. A good system to use is to have your child show you their completed homework. I don't require parent signatures, but you're welcome to sign or initial it to confirm that you saw their completed work.

Jupiter Grades is the grading system I use to enter scores.  Parents will be given log in information at the beginning of the year and should set up their accounts to email them weekly. Missing scores/assignments are visible to parents through JG and are printed and passed out to students in class on a (usually) weekly basis (if needed). 

We have adopted a new reading curriculum beginning this year.  The typical homework is in flux.  Below is what was typical in previous years.

Last year: "Each week, students in Mrs. Musleh's class will have two nights of spelling homework, a USA weekly reader Social Studies sheet and newspaper to highlight, a vocabulary assignment, a reading response, and math practice problems. Students will be expected to read at least twenty minutes each night."

The amount of their work will be determined by how much they finish that day at school. Sometimes, there will be homework on the weekends. I am also try to give the students their typical weekly homework copies prior to the weekend, so that they can plan it around their busy lives.

All work will need to be made up whether the absence is vacation or illness related. Please check the school's website for the independent study form for preplanned absences.

Parents are encouraged to look over their child's homework to check for completeness--I do not expect you to correct their work. If you should see many errors, you can have them redo those problems, but please mark on their paper the original score and that the answers were changed after consulting with a parent. A link to the Math answer keys will be provided to parents. Please keep it secure from kids.

In the fifth grade, we hope that our students can manage their homework planners and long-term projects responsibly.