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Kindergarten Homework

Homework is a constructive tool in the learning process when designed to meet the needs and abilities of students.  Our goal in kindergarten is to assign authentic homework that provides opportunities for children to practice some of the skills that they are learning at school.  Our kindergarten homework is not assigned as "busy work." The weekly homework assignments will promote student responsibility and accountability by developing work habits essential for success at school.   

Every Monday, school bulletins and your child's class work will come home in a large plastic folder.  Please return the clear plastic folder to school the next day.  The blue "Homework" folder will contain a variety of homework which is generally assigned on Monday and is due back to school the following Friday.  
Daily homework sessions for Kindergartners should be no longer than 10 minutes. If possible, please sit with your child during homework sessions to encourage and guide them. Kindergarten is the time to teach your children the importance of turning homework in on time, and to the best of their ability.  Having the homework folder at school on Friday will also give the teachers the opportunity to have the next homework assignment ready for your child.

Homework may consist of:
  • Printing Practice
  • Flash Cards
  • Daily Reading 
  • Math
We thank you in advance for your effort and commitment to your child's success at school.