Physical Education and Athletics Department

Athletics Director: Joe Swope

Physical Education Overview:

The staff at Bowman School supports physical education as an important part of the educational experience. The development and maintenance of a healthy body is essential for physical well being and good mental health. We strive to create an atmosphere through our physical education program for the development of leadership, sportsmanship and congeniality. Physical education classes are scheduled daily for Grades 4-8 students.

General P.E. Rules and Requirements:

Tennis-type shoes are required for P.E. classes every day

Hats are not to be worn inside buildings. Hats with brims must be worn with the brim facing forward. Per Education Code 35183.5, students are allowed to wear hats outdoors as a form of sun protection.

Extra-curricular Athletics Programs

Bowman School competes with other schools in Cross Country, Volleyball, Basketball, and Track.

  • In order to participate, students must maintain a 2.0 average with no “F’s” on the last official report card or official progress report. If grades slip below a C average, or an “F” is received for a grading period, student will be restricted from all activities and games until the average is brought up to a “C” and/or the "F" has been raised.
  • Athletes must follow school and sports behavior rules to participate.
  • Families must provide transportation to any sports activity.
  • Student must attend school the day of the event.

Extra-curricular Sports Seasons

Bowman School encourages our students to be involved in as many different activities available in an effort to broaden the interest of our student body. Here is a look at the different sports and their seasons that are offered throughout the school year.


    • Girls Basketball (2 teams, 6th/7th & 8th) Sept-Oct
    • Cross-Country (4th-8th Co-Ed) Sept-Oct
    • Boys Grass Volleyball (1 team, 6th-8th) Sept-Oct


    • Girls Soccer (1 team, 6th-8th) Oct-Nov
    • Boys Basketball (2 teams, 6th/7th & 8th) Jan-Feb


    • Girls Volleyball (2 teams, 6th/7th & 8th) Feb-Apr
    • Track (4th-8th Co-Ed) Mar-Apr
    • Boys Soccer (1 team, 6th-8th) Apr-May

Other Athletics Resources:

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