In 2007 the Ackerman District was granted charter status. Consequently, families outside of the area boundaries have the opportunity to enroll their children as charter students.

How to Enroll at Bowman Charter School

If you do not live in the Ackerman Charter School District, you may complete an application after Information Night to be placed on the wait-list for a particular grade level. Applications received will be assigned a randomly drawn lottery number on the last school day of January. Applications filed after that date, January 31, 2022, will be assigned a lottery number every Friday there after. Acceptance/Denial letters are generally sent no later than August.

Not sure if you're in-district? Visit PCOE's District Locator tool: https://www.placercoe.org/Pages/PCOE/Whats-My-District.aspx

Transitional Kindergarten (TK)

Curious about our TK program? We provide a specialized early-education program for eligible 4 year old students. More general information about TK can be found in this EdSource article, Quick Guide: Understanding transitional kindergarten in California

Charter Enrollment Information Night Live Broadcast

This is a general information session for families interested in charter enrollment to Bowman Charter School. School administration will provide a detailed overview of the school and the charter enrollment process and requirements.

Charter and District Enrollment Flow Chart