Bowman School was established in 1895 and has served as a focal point for the Bowman community since its establishment. When widening of the interstate cut a swathe through the area, the school remained to keep the community intact. Placer County’s Bowman community, the intersection of mini marts and mountain homes, agriculture and fast food huts, sees traffic move to and from the Sierras.

Behind the franchised facades and small one of a kind cafes are residential neighborhoods that date back to the days of the Gold Rush. Settled in the mid 1800’s, the community of Bowman was an outgrowth of the regions’ mining camps. Sitting on the bluffs above the North Fork of the American River, this area proved more suitable for raising cattle and growing fruit than for mining gold. The village of Bowman, a country store and post office was firmly established with a spur from the Central Pacific Railroad.

The school, originally a one room school building topped by a wood shingled bell tower, was opened to serve the growing population which included dairy farmers, cattle ranchers, and fruit growers. Berries, especially raspberries and strawberries were some of the richest crops, although apples, pears, and peaches were also planted. Long time residents will tell you that the one thing that makes Bowman, Bowman is the school.