Independent Study

Independent Study is never an adequate replacement for attending school and should only be used when absolutely necessary.

Independent Study (IS) is a voluntary educational alternative available to students who must be absent from school and wish to receive academic and attendance credit for their absence. The IS process must originate in the Office where the contracts are filled out by the parent/guardian.

Independent Study is a compilation of the classwork and the homework that the student would be completing if the student were in school. This may include accessing teacher’s websites to obtain assignments. MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS: If hard copies are not provided, please check your teachers’ calendars and Google Classrooms for assignments. ALL assignments must be completed, printed, and turned in to the Office upon the student’s return to school before going to their classroom.

As a Charter School, we have the ability to offer IS for 1 day absences as long as the request is made prior to the start of school on the day of the absence.

The 1 day Independent Study procedure REQUIRES the work be picked up the day of the absence so that it can be turned in to the Office when the student returns to school the next day * (Primary grades may be allowed extended return time). Work will be available for pick up in the Office after the end of the student’s school day.

If your student is too ill to complete an Independent Study, please just report their absence.

Independent Study Procedure

  • For a 1 day IS, call Bowman Charter School Office @ (530) 885-1974 to request a contract prior to 8:10 am. If a 1 day IS needs to be extended, the same procedure applies.
  • For more than 1 day IS request, we require the same number of days notice as the absence i.e. a 3 day IS requires 3 days notice; a 5 day IS requires 5 days notice.
  • Sign the contract and pick up the work packet in the Office after the end of the student’s school day. In fairness to all students and teachers, multiple day Independent Studies are not available for pick up prior to the day before the Independent Study Contract begins.
  • Ensure that your student completes and returns the work to the Office before they go to their classroom when they return to school.
  • Once the Independent Study Contract is graded and processed, the student will receive academic and attendance credit for the work completed during their absence.

As the Independent Study Contract states, if the entire packet is not complete when turned in, there is NO academic or attendance credit. When a student fails to complete 2 Independent Study packets, the student and parents will be given a warning. A third incomplete packet will result in the removal of Independent Study as an option for the remainder of the school year.

Independent Study is not granted for the first or last week of school or during CAASPP Testing.